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European Department of the Ministry of Commerce Deputy Director Ling excited recently said that the delegation and vice minister of Commerce Gao Hucheng this week will be led by commerce, foreign affairs, customs and Zhejiang, Fujian Province, the competent departments of Commerce composed in Moscow representations of the "gray customs clearance". June 29th, the Moscow municipal government in violation of environmental health regulations "that forced the closure of the Cheel Guizo J J base market, and announced that it would focus on the destruction of up to $2 billion for the" gray customs clearance "China goods. it is understood that due to the normal clearance cumbersome, high cost and long time of customs clearance, many businessmen Chinese export commodities is through the "charter tax", "tax charter", "charter tax package" way to enter the Ru Retro jordans for sale ssian market, not the Russian customs declaration, once the goods by Russian authorities to check it may be considered contraband goods were confiscated, facing even confiscation risk. , President of Russia's southern China chamber of Commerce Wang Guangyuan said that many Chinese goods in order to smoothly and promptly arrived in the Russian market, the Russian delegation "customs clearance company agency procedures, and pay the cost than regular clearance less, but the" customs clearance companies "are concealed, when in operation the goods from low, gain a lot of benefits, and does not provide the relevant documents to the owner. currently, Chinese businessmen in Zhejiang lost more than $1 billion 500 million in the incident. Merchants in Wenzhou alone reported losses of more than $800 million. Businessmen in Pujiang, businessmen in Taizhou and busines Cheap air jordans for sale smen in Zhuji each lost more than $100 million. Wenzhou shoe industry association statistics show that at least 400 Wenzhou shoe enterprises suffered losses because of "gray customs clearance". Last September, after a Russian inventory, Wenzhou shoes exports to Russia dropped by a sharp 69.5%. At present, Wenzhou businessmen in Russia's three largest "container market" has 1 stores closed, production and sale of more than 100 enterprises on the chain began bankruptcy. The Ministry of Commerce spokesman Yao Jian said recently, "gray customs clearance" this non standardized trade form has its special historical background, for a long time, the Chinese businessmen in Russia to carry out business activities objectively facing clearance inconvenience and other obstacles to business transformation also need to a transition time. The Chinese businessmen have ma Cheap air jordan 12 ovo de a positive contribution to the prosperity and economic development of the Russian market, including moscow. I hope that the Russian authorities concerned and the Moscow municipal government will take full account of the historical factors and protect the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese businessmen and enterprises in accordance with the law. (Editor: admin)China Leather Association said that the EU plans to export quotas practice shoes start last week by EU majority members of the opposition, they rejected the final draft of the European Commission had proposed anti-dumping case, and asked the committee to draft a new plan. According to the Commission submitted draft, the EU plans to give every year 140 million pairs of leather shoes China normal export quota; to exceed the limit of leather shoes, in addition to Jinlu shoes 9.7% levy anti-dumpi cheap jordan shoes for men ng duties, other Chinese shoe enterprises will be levied anti-dumping duties of up to 23%. Last week, trade experts from European Union Member States gathered in Brussels to veto the bill. A European Union diplomat in Brussels says the draft proposed by the European Commission looks more like an illegal trade barrier, with most members demanding that the Committee withdraw the draft and re enact the plan. It is understood that the European Union will in the near future to develop a European Union retailers and footwear manufacturers to consider the interests of the new program. China leather association responsible person, the majority of EU Member States to veto the EU anti-dumping final draft, the EU plans to give China 140 million pairs of normal leather shoes exports does not meet the EU's own market demand and Chinese shoes exporters, the EU will likely cheap foamposites give up plans to implement the quota system of shoes made in china. (editor in chief: admin)the world owes you a bunch of Oscar three law of visual science Thomas twist 1800 side roll this expression I give 89 points, the rest of the form of 2333 to send Real Madrid players acting slightly to catch ah In situ diving this should be a spasm of the admire this is very old, but still see a smile once do you have a special you · · · · I hit you why not go, is not the intention of the What are pengciyou scared me, .source: Baidu, Chelsea, Arsenal's Bundesliga bar PS: Anti Japanese drama and new work, the Japanese national team all killed Kitani Youichiro because the name is too long to avoid a robberythe latest hot panghu expression package let our childhood memories again burning up. The amazing blue fat, loving male, beautiful Shizuk cheap jordans for sale a, "the king of the children" album, "two rich generation" small Fu once again awakened the wonderful childhood. But Kicksvision also has a brother called panghu society and therefore a fire, he also put the brain hole wide open this childhood classic and Sneaker elements together - A dream of many people in the end for what kind of shoes? If you see panghu slowly analysis, the audience has their own opinion, also can give us a message in the message area! 1. A dream Reebok Instapump Fury A dream don't note Price:1299RMB Reason: whether Doraemon, Tinker Bell or A Doraemon, afraid of this mouse blue fat will usher in the 50th birthday. As the absolute protagonist anime it also brought countless people to childhood memories. Reebok and New Jersey shoes name from Shoes and Packer A dream home in Japan atmos jointly launched a A dream Special Edition Pump Fur cheap jordans online y, hope that we can keep the good memories of childhood. (we also thought that APL or Air know Mag this is a symbol of high-tech shoes, but because of you) 2. wild than male Air Jordan 1 Retro OG "Laney" Price:1199-1599RMB Reason: Nobita to A dream of this cartoon is like Air Jordan 1 in Air Jordan series. The two cartoon protagonist, although weak in character, often bullied panghu. According to statistics, in the "Duo A dream" is a full concentration by panghu total 1173 times, 320 times by the teacher scolded, scolded by her mother 927 times, was bitten by the dog 123 times, 140 times into the ditch. But he is kind-hearted, optimistic face life, brings positive energy to countless kids watch cartoon. See the clothes I thought the first time "Laney" the yellow and blue shoes, also hope the kindness can live forever in the hearts of everyone. 3. Shizuka cheap jordans for sale mens source Puma Rihanna Fenty Slide Price:699RMB Reason: which girl have a pink heart? As the only actress, singer also conform to public opinion in the finale and the actor happy together. PUMA Rihanna launched this pink slippers, touched the heart of many girls. If a lot of pink slippers, then topped with a velvet bow? More than 20 days is the Qixi Festival, screen 〉This year's Air Max Day distance less than half a month, the Air Max family of the upcoming anniversary celebration. this month, offering the new nature is heavy again and again, because of the 30th anniversary! It is no joke! this month, whether you're a retro or to be comfortable to black technology or high specification limit quality, have the opportunity to meet! The following paragraphs, is the priority among priorities, worth 100 points of attention! Air Max x Air Jordan 3 "at Retro jordans for sale mos" Pack Vote Back last year by the "return to vote", we all know that this year there will be Air Max 1 "Amos Elephant" once again return. A fusion of classic black ash burst decoration, this double shop with Japan atmos classic joint, with simple personality style, leading a trend. But did not think of is, this year also pull the burst pattern of the protagonist! For the first time in the world grain burst dress up Air Jordan 3 has become one of the members of the Air Max series this year! In front of the Air Max "atmos" Pack is known as Air Max 1, there is a Air Jordan 3 atmos Safari"! The burst pattern is replaced with Safari and Safari grouper grouper texture, texture, and Air Max 1 family classic dress, also from the joint with atmos! This pair of Air Max 1 "atmos Safari" in the last engraved regression, presented by the animal is gorgeous, the Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping current market price of less than 1000 yuan, a really underrated boutique! Air Max x Air Jordan to lead the 3 "atmos", the main colors of black shoes, collocation Safari texture, outsole is crystal material support lining. The price is very high which suits! For $$400, China district to $2999 RMB. it seems that both wanted to start Air Max 1 or Air Jordan 3, the difficulty is not small, not too expensive for sale, I am afraid you have to buy! new black VaporMax technology, the coming VaporMax is a new member of the family, a "black technology" means! is the perfect embodiment of the Nike technology research and development, Nike Air VaporMax not only bring a new visual impact, due to the reduction of the materials, to further enhance the portability, and compared to the previous Air Max full palm cushion running shoes, hair price is lower, in the economic.Kid Robot x Nike Air Max 1 discovered network 2014-08-18 11:28:50 & nbsp; Kid Robot x Nike Air Max 1 as the "sacred" in general running shoes retro circles exist, although surviving black X amount of gold has been relatively small, while another pair of red powder X this pair is more rare, this pair was then the "official" that the shoes are not for sale, and its price at auction are often thousands of dollars, so many friends are prohibitive, recently exposed the network on a pair, its price is $ 10,000, I do not know There is no "love" the arms of their income will it? & nbsp; & nbsp; Nike Air Max Hyperposite flour color physical exposure 2013-12-08 23:28:25 In today's sneakers on the market, no longer pink girl's patent, a growing number of boys are also dare to wear pink in the feet. In particular, last year's "powder spray", it is the climax of this boom. This time, a full pink & nbsp; Nike Air Max Hyperposite kind of exposure on the network, although we have seen a lot of different versions of the pink shoes, but this pair of & nbsp; Air Max Hyperposite still rain-delayed appearance of small series was astounding, Upper mottled texture with translucent Air Max unit, is likely to be the most amazing year of a pair of pink shoes. EA Sports NBA Live 15 for the launch of the latest "shoes bag" patch 2014-12-30 16:48:46 A few days ago for the NBA Live 15 EA Sports launched a new "shoes bag" patch, this update a number of shoes, most of them undoubtedly Nike Air & nbsp; Foamposite series of shoes, the "psychic", "Galaxy" and "DB" all have! There are other Air Jordan XX9, adidas J Wall & nbsp; 1 and so on shoes. It is reported that this update patch has been on the line, and interested friends hurry to download it and see it, chances are there will be an unexpected surprise for you. & nbsp; adidas Originals 2014 Spring Luxury Sneaker Series Preview 2013-12-09 00:05:41 adidas Originals forthcoming in 2014 a & nbsp; Luxury Sneaker series shoes, the recent exposure of the part of this series on the network footwear. The series with its variety of classic model as a blueprint, adopting a luxurious black leather create footwear shoes, supplemented by all kinds of animals injected texture, detail with golden clover Logo and color lining, full texture. This series includes the & nbsp; Stan Smith, Basket Profi, Gazelle and a variety of shoes, fans, etc. ZX 500 models of familiar friends, quite attractive. Reportedly, the series is tentatively scheduled for the first quarter of next year on sale, it will also introduce more different footwear.

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